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How much does it cost to create a property listing app similar to Bayut Clone?
How much does it cost to create a property listing app similar to Bayut Clone? Did you know that 80% of people use their smartphones to look for, purchase, and sell homes online? Mobile phones have made the real estate sector extremely profitable. Many people are searching for homes online, making the real estate market more competitive. Contact with a digital marketing agency in dubai.

Finding the ideal home can be challenging. You may not obtain everything you want. That’s why using an online tool to assist you find a home is a terrific idea. Almost every company that creates real estate apps has a website with homes for sale.

The Bayut Clone program is simple to use and might assist those who have been seeking it for a long time without success. Real estate app developers work hard to ensure that their products are useful. This internet tool for finding houses is handy and time-saving. People can rely on it to work properly.
What is the “Bayut” real estate application?
Bayut is a popular phone app for locating properties for sale or rent in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It contains a wealth of information about homes for sale in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Bayut allows you to simply search for homes by specifying where you want to reside, how much you want to spend, the type of home you want, and the number of bedrooms you require. The app also displays a large number of photos and virtual tours to help you visualize the residences.

This app does more than just display your homes; it also provides useful information to help you make a decision. You may learn about the communities, what’s going on in the real estate market, and how much homes usually cost in the UAE.

So, Property Finder Clone is useful software for anyone looking for a home in the UAE. It features a large selection of properties to pick from, is simple to use, and provides useful information to help you make informed purchasing or rental decisions. That is why many people in the UAE enjoy using it.
Key features of developing an app like Bayut
If you want to create an app similar to Bayut, you should include the following:

Property Listings:
Ensure your app provides a comprehensive list of houses and apartments available for purchase or rental in the UAE. People should be able to search for properties using various filters, such as where they want to reside, how much money they want to spend, the sort of property they desire, and the number of beds they require.

Property Details:
When users click on a property, your app should provide detailed information. Show them high-quality images of the property, allow them to take a virtual tour, view the floor plan, and read in-depth about it.

Neighborhood Guides:
Consider including neighborhood guides on your app to provide information about the properties’ locations. Inform people about the average home costs in the neighborhood, what amenities are nearby, such as stores and schools, and how they can travel around using public transportation.

Market Trends:
The Bayut app provides insights into UAE real estate market trends. It displays how prices vary, how many houses are for sale, and other relevant information.

Customized Bayut Features:
Bayut offers customizable features, including the ability to create personal accounts. You can save your favorite residences, receive notifications when new houses become available for sale, and check which houses you have previously viewed.

Agent Finder: Like Bayut, this app connects you with local real estate agents. You can choose an agent based on their performance, reputation, and knowledge.

Mortgage Calculator:
The software includes a mortgage calculator to estimate monthly payments for home ownership. It takes into account the house’s price, your current ability to pay, and the interest rate.

Property Management:
Bayut offers property management services to assist homeowners in maintaining their homes. They can find suitable tenants, collect rent, and fix things around the house.

How much does it cost to design a property app like Bayut?
Developing an app like Bayut can cost different amounts depending on a few factors:

App Team: Hiring qualified professionals to create your app is a significant portion of the expense.

App Features: The more exciting features you want in your app (such as fancy search tools, virtual tours, or money calculators), the more it will cost.

Platforms: It will cost more to have your app available on both iPhones and Android phones.

Connecting with Other Stuff: If you want your app to work with Google Maps or other software, the fee will increase.

Taking Care of the App: Once the app is created, it must be maintained in order to function properly, which also costs money.

So, developing an app like Bayut may cost anything between 50,000 and 150,000 AED, or possibly more. The final cost is determined by what you desire and the expertise of those who create it.
Must-Have Real Estate Bayut Like MVP Features
Here are some items to consider adding to your real estate app:
Search Filters:
When selecting a search tool, it’s important to prioritize organized and user-friendly filters. These filters make it easier and more enjoyable to search for houses. It’s especially crucial for those who use the app on their phones while on the go, such as when they’re standing in line, commuting in a taxi, or on public transportation.
Databases are orderly collections of information. Imagine a long list of mansions for sale in a magnificent place named “Heaven.” This list is essential for any app, particularly those for real estate brokers.

Social media integration
Real estate brokers may simply showcase the homes they’re selling on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This may attract folks who wish to acquire the houses.
There are numerous steps involved in the development of an app. A skilled team of developers must work hard in each of these processes to ensure that the software is functional and error-free.

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