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Keep track of indexed pages using the Google Index Checker
Indexing is an essential element of online browsing. It occurs when Google crawls internet websites using crawlers, analyzes the pages, and then ranks them in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google ranks the SERPs based on their utility to users. Thus, by patrolling the internet, Google generates a database of any new web pages that may exist. This is why it is critical to verify that Google has indexed your webpage; otherwise, you risk losing traffic and potential consumers.

Aside from the technical aspects of establishing a user-friendly website, tailoring it for mobile and desktop devices, focusing on content, and so on, what is most important is that all of this effort is documented and displayed to potential clients in a timely manner. How can one ensure that? Have a peek.

Are the pages indexed?
Filtering through all 500 odd results on a webpage will take a long time. To check your page, the key requirements are:

RDS bar extension for Google Chrome.
Microsoft Excel
All of the jobs can be completed with only these three tools. First, right-click on the RDS bar icon and select Options. You can enter the search tab, choose only entire URLs, and then click Apply. Next, open Google in Chrome.

Google Index Checker Tools
Google Index Checker Tools
The most critical duty is identifying the target. To accomplish this, change the search parameters to the 10 results default option. Next, type the search query or the name of your website into the browser’s search bar. This will set the target. To obtain correct results, the altering result default process must be repeated.

Switching the default to 100 results will change the results. This allows Google to narrow down the number of results and display only the most relevant ones.

Adjust the setting to 50 results. The site command you entered will return pages that are not in the major folders of the previous search.

Thus, once the command site has been picked, the identical process of copying URLs will be performed in the Excel document or sheet. Because you used the RSD extension, the results will include the whole URL. All 50 results must be copied.

Filtering this data will ensure that you only have what you need. Your desired results can be obtained by generating a new Excel sheet.

This is a quick and easy approach to checking your indexation on Google Checker. This strategy is designed to direct all of your efforts to the appropriate platform. The entire objective of putting a lot of effort into the technical aspects of the website is to ensure that it is properly portrayed. This strategy is excellent for checking your representation. Try out the fast and easy assignment to help enhance traffic to your website. SERP rankings are a critical component of SEO, and no stone should be left untouched.
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